Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Was I Worried?

I was worried about how Kairi and Alex would get along. And after the first 6 months, that worry hadn't changed. Kairi was insanely jealous, mean, and rough with him. He was only home 2 days before she was hitting him in the head with hard wooden objects (3-4 times in one day). She tried to sit on him while I was nursing. She pushed him off/out of wherever she wanted to be. And he adored her.

There were days I wasn't sure what I was going to do with her. Shoot, there are still days I don't know what I'm going to do with her. She locks him in her bedroom and laughs. She pushes him out of her way. She screams "Go away Flruffer!" at him multiple times a day. She has been known to throw things at his head and to sit on him. And she demands he give her all of his toys when they're in their carseats (which he complies with every time).

However, mornings like this morning reminds me that she adores him.

Walking out of her room after first waking up this morning, she asked "Where flruffer? He wake?". No, he was asleep still, and that greatly disappointed her. About 15 minutes later he woke up. I went to pick him up out of the crib. She was at my heels "YAY! FLRUFFER WAKE! YAY ANWIX! HOOOORAY!"

Another thing you should know is the very first thing Kairi does each morning is to ask for a "banda" or banana. It is a precious thing because I only allow one per day otherwise that's all she'd eat. This morning she was still in the middle of hers when Alex woke up. She set on the floor next to Alex and took a bite, gave him a bite, took a bite, gave him a bite. I think that I'll give them both another half of a banana with breakfast this morning. They share so well!

Kairi has frequently been found "cooking" for him. And in the backseat of the car if you hand her something to eat, she first hands it to brother and then asks for another one for herself. When he cries, she pats his head and tries to comfort him (unless she caused the cry of course). When he lays on the floor to roll around, she lets him roll on top of her, and then tickles him. She won't let Dash touch Alex's penguin because it's "No Anwix's. No Dash, Anwix's." Even if Alex was the one that put penguin on Dash.

Of course they'll have their fights, but I love to see the intense love and dedication to each other that these two have. And it makes mornings more fun to know that they can't wait to see the other one.


Mama Kalila said...

So sweet! I have to admit I'm a bit afraid of how Kalila will react when we add another baby to the mix. She's pretty possesive. Any time I'm watching another baby she's fine until I go to feed them, as soon as the bottle comes out she tries to get in between us. Last week I pretended to nurse her doll & she did the same exact thing. I'm gonna keep working with her on it though. I'm glad we have some time lol.

Steph said...

It is truly a blast to have two. Kairi was definitely not ready at the time, but she's loving it now! Today she just amazed me over and over again at how sweet she was to him. It makes all the bad times worthwhile. :)

Nikki said...

Ahhhh, you made me tear up! I love hearing sweet stories like that! I've been watching MJ and his cousin Kendall today in the short time that she's been here and they have having an absolute blast!