Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jacobe is doing better!

I just wanted to update from HERE that Jacobe is doing MUCH better! He was able to go home last Friday! I started this post the day before he went home, so the news is a little late in coming, but at least I remembered to post it!


Kairi is an ar-teest. :D

In the post linked above, I mentioned that Chris bought Kairi a doodle pad. She takes it everywhere and works very hard at forming shapes. Today on Yo Gabba Gabba the artist man (I can't remember his name) drew a fish, so she had me draw a fish and then she tried to copy it. She talked about drawing the tail and fins and the bubbles. She also has been big recently on having me draw (and then she copy) Bibles, apples, smiles, and cats with smiles, ears and hats. I am in no way artistically talented, but for now she's satisfied with it.

On another Kairi note, she does NOT appreciate my singing. Anytime I sing along w/ one of her shows or cds, I get told "No, Mommy, No. Hush Mommy. Don' sing." Then she covers my mouth to make me hush. Now, if it's a song that she has only heard ME sing, then that's fine. But apparently I am far too off pitch the rest of the time for her to appreciate my singing. LOL


Picture will be added here of Alex walking later today. :)


Kairi's hair goes into a pony tail! And picture proof will be added sometime today. Hopefully.


This post was started a long time ago, but I needed to get it published. I'll add pictures and do a new post this evening I hope.

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