Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sheriffi's Office visited me today

I was changing Dash's diaper and looked up to see to see 2 strange men in my backyard!

I stuck my head out the door and asked what they thought they were doing. A guy on the other side of the fence stuck his head over and told me that they were surveyors inspecting the neighbor's house and trying to identify the property line. When I asked why I hadn't been informed that they would be in my backyard, he told me that they "didn't want to disturb you. You might have been asleep."

I call bullshit. It was almost 9am. You knock on the freaking door. If Tiger had been in the backyard she would have bitten them, and it would have been their fault. They opened my LOCKED gate.

They offered me a business card. I called the number and after way too many rings I got "This wireless costumer cannot be reached at this time. Please try your call again later."

So I locked the doors, turned on the alarm system and called the cops. The deputy showed up, and agreed that I needed to call. He did verify that the van in the neighbor's yard had the same name and logo as the business card, and that they had surveyor's equipment in it. But he also agreed that I needed to be careful since it was just me and three babies alone in the house. He then promised to talk to them.

I'm considering still trying to reach someone at the number listed on the business card and telling them what I thought about strange people being in my backyard unannounced. And I think I'm going to file a complaint with the BBB.

I'm still totally freaked out and refuse to turn off the alarm system for anything other than me going to change the laundry. *shudder*

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Mama Kalila said...

Uggh... That would freak me out too. I'm glad you saw them out there though!