Friday, October 17, 2008 -- First of all, if you need something from there, I have a $10 off coupon for your first order from there!

My mom gave me money for Alex's birthday present. Money for 2 more BG's. I was super excited and knew that I could get free shipping from if I spent $49. That is NO problem for me. lol

I ordered more of Kairi's diaper rash cream and wet wipes, a roll of diaper liners (in the hope that it's easier to deal w/ Alex poops), and the two new diapers. They were to arrive today.

At 6:41, they finally showed. I was starting to get worried!

I opened the box:
rash cream -- check!
wet wipes -- check!
diaper liners -- check!
bumGenius diapers -- ????
nursing pads??? -- how did I get NURSING PADS?

I had two boxes of nursing pads delivered to me. I checked the invoice, it read diapers. So I called them up.

My diapers will be here Tuesday, I get to keep the nursing pads (not that I need them), and they're giving me a $5 credit. All in all, I guess I came out on top. And I will definitely continue to use them. They had extremely fast shipping and they were super nice when I called about the shipping error. She apologized and quickly worked to make it right.

In the meantime, I can't wait to use the liners! No more spending 5 minutes a diaper trying to get the poop off! (Alex apparently has super sticky poop.) No more dunking diapers in toilets! Just peel and flush! In Kairi-speak: WHO-RAY WHO-RAY WHO-RAY!!!


Mama Kalila said...

I wish I got free nursing pads lol. Unfortunately the place I get stuff is notorious for having great service & few mixups. I've got a 5% coupon from my place too & nada else that I need for awhile :-S I love the coupons, but I wish they didn't expire! Glad you got your stuff though... I'm waiting for one more thing that had to be sent from the manufacturer.

Did you know BG's have new colours that came out? Same ones really, but darker... Unfortunately they're not at Target yet.

Steph said...

I did know about the new colors! Primarily b/c Alex's diapers from my in-laws are the new dark blue. I'm still a major white-diaper fan, but I love these new blues!

I've got a box packed up for you that I'll mail as soon as I have the cash to do so. Would you like one of the boxes of nursing pads?

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! That'd be great... I'm not needing them as much anymore (when I go out to certain places or she's w/ a sitter & not here to nurse at this point) but we're about to start ttc soon so they'd get used either way.

I don't like the white as much. They end up kinda dingy, not as much as the pinks (we have one of those that was given to us & it's horrible) & I almost always prefer colour over white in the first place lol. We're staying away from the pinks both for the above-stated reason & because I def wouldn't put them on a boy lol. I hope we can get some of the darker ones at some point. If nothing else we'll put em on our registry when I get pg again (I'm only doing a diaper one this time around).

Steph said...

I haven't had a problem w/ the whites looking dingy and I love the way babies look in solid white diapers. But the blue diapers are wonderful.

We have only one pink, and it needs some work so we're not using it at all right now. But when we do have to use it, I put him in it at night and only when we're completely out of diapers otherwise. It rarely happens.

Mama Kalila said...

Our pink one needs some work too lol. I got the idea this last time to cover it w/ a diaper cover when we need to use it & that actually helped a lot.

stan said...

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