Monday, September 29, 2008

Angel Food

I know I know, I promised a video of the kids. And it'll come ... eventually! ;) But right this moment I wanted to rave about a ministry that my family LOVES and has been extremely blessed by. It's called Angel Food Ministries.

Every month you place an order for one (or more) boxes of food. The basic box is usually $30/box. They have specialty boxes that are anywhere from $19-25/box. Each box comes with a set menu (that you can find on their website -- linked above). The $30 box would cost at least $60 if not more in my local grocery store. It is 60% meat, and usually has eggs, shelf stable milk, a dessert item, and then a few vegetables. The specialty boxes are things like "grill boxes" or the "fruit and vegetable box".

I placed my most recent order Oct 15. I spent $139. My freezer is full. And I mean FULL. As in, you have to be careful when opening the freezer door or else you'll have food falling on top of you. We will be able to eat off of this meat for about a month. There are frozen veggies. And I got the fruit and vegetable box. Kairi has already helped herself to a pear and it was "oh mommy! sooooo UMMY!!!!!!".

The food is of a great quality. Now, I will admit that some of the food isn't what you want/need if you're trying to lose weight, but there are always ways to modify it. And this month they began distributing a "Senior Box" of pre-cooked and pre-packaged single serving meals that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. I almost bought that box just so that I had easy to prepare lunches for myself.

Angel Food Ministries is found all over the country. To know if there's one near you, simply visit their website and put in your zip code where it offers to help you find a local host site. Jacksonville only has one, but Midland has 9, and San Antonio has 52!!!

Angel Food has several other ministries such as disaster relief, and they work closely with food pantries and soup kitchens to help those who simply cannot afford to eat. When a church becomes a host site, they donate $1/box distributed to the church's benevolent fund in order to help that church continue to serve their community!

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