Thursday, June 26, 2008

If one way doesn't work, don't give up ... try another angle!

Remember me telling you last night that Kairi did NOT want Daddy to touch Mommy for any reason whatsoever? Today she stepped up her game.

She finally realized that simply screaming no would not elicit the response she desired. So she went and found a book after she watched Daddy reach over to hug Mommy.

"Daddy, read? Pease? Pease Daddy, pease read. Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease? Pease?"

When Daddy responded not right now, that he was hugging Mommy, she bawled. It broke her heart.

I wonder what she tries to do next in order to find a new way to keep Mommy and Daddy apart.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


1. Kairi ate, wore, and painted with toothpaste today. Fun stuff right there.

2. I have a deep spiritual post to make, but it probably shouldn't be made when I'm telling kids stories. At least, it's important to me.

3. Alex is sleeping better! Not all through the night. But only a couple times a night, and he immediately goes back to sleep after he sees me and I hand him his cuddle blanket back.

4. Kairi has taken to biting. She only bites Mommy, and only when she's trying to keep me from looking in her mouth for whatever she has shoved in there, but it still HURTS. I have bruises on my fingers.

5. Kairi is officially in the terrible twos. She has multiple meltdowns a day. I need to make her run laps in the backyard so that she'll burn off some of this energy without it involving hitting/kicking/throwing things at me.

6. As of today, Kairi has decided that Mommy and Daddy are not allowed to touch. No hugging. No holding hands. No standing with arms around the other's waist. And the person who she gets mad at is Mommy. Mommy gets pulled by her hands, pants, and legs while Kairi screams NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

7. Alex can drink out of a sippy!!!!!!!!!!! It's a straw sippy, but since that's all that sister uses, my feelings aren't hurt! HURRAY!

That is all for now. I'll do the deep update later. :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Scaling Islands....

Today Kairi learned a new trick.

She can push the high chair up against the island, scale the high chair, and stand on top of the island where her cookies/crackers and pacifiers WERE hidden. They're not now.

Where can I hide them that she can't climb to? I can't do the top of the refrigerator, as I'm too short to reach that high ....


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old Stories

Because of our lack of internet, there were several cute stories that I have missed telling. And I can't remember them all at once, so instead as I remember them, I'll post them for your entertainment.

Your story for tonight:
I had several errands to run one day and Chris was staying home with the kiddos. I had received a text message and several calls throughout the morning. I'll share the text with you at a later date. But the last phone call had me in hysterics. Here is the conversation.
C: Do you remember that you left the last of Alex's breakfast on the table before you left? (Blended up pears and baby cereal)
S: Oh crap, I did didn't I?
C: Yes. You did.
S: Ok..........
C: I didn't know it though, until Kairi brought me the bowl and asked for more please.
S: She did what?!? *snorts of laugher*
C: She had fed the last of it to herself and her brother. It's really not as messy in here as I expected it to be. Just all over their faces and the coffee table.

Since that day, she's had a meltdown every morning when I don't let her eat Brother's breakfast.

I may never sleep again........

I had done it. I had Alex trained to sleep. I even had one night of him sleeping through the night w/o me having to get up at all. Or so I thought.

But then it stopped. It's my fault. Completely. I fed him something that upset his tummy. It caused terrible diapers and vomiting the whole next day. So that day and night I held him most of time time. Let him sleep during the day longer than he normally would have. That night every time he woke up I ran to him the moment I heard him. I was up about every 30 minutes.

Yesterday morning, though, he was fine. You could tell his stomach didn't hurt anymore. And while I still held back on giving him most solids for another day to help make certain that his tummy was fine, I wasn't worried about him. So I laid him down for a nice calm night. He was so tired he'd dozed off on his daddy's shoulder once already.

But a nice calm night can't be had. I got him to sleep fairly quickly, and the first time he woke up I waited 3 minutes, and then rolled him back onto his back, gave him his cuddle blanket back, and walked out. He was out. That was midnight.

He woke back up at 2:30. He's dozed a few times since then, but not slept. I need sleep. I don't know if I can function tomorrow like this. And of course Kairi's been super clingy since Alex has been sick because he has the majority of mommy's attention. So while holding him, she's climbing into my lap and trying to push him out. Daddy has tried to help, but mommy's who they want for the most part.

Ok .... off to try to calm him down again.

Of course it didn't work -- my being in there just pissed him off even more. Wait, what's that I hear?

NO crying! I'll wait 10 minutes before laying down, otherwise he'll scream the moment I start to doze.

On a side note, as of today, we have DirectTV! Yay! I've watched an awful lot of the same VeggieTales and Amazing Book/Miracles since we moved in. And while we don't watch tv all day long, sometimes Mommy has to get things done, and the best way to do that is to give Kairi a snack, set her in her chair, and turn on "Tales!" or "Bibe lllll". :) Now having tv, I can get back to a larger variety and stop quoting the shows. That's not to say that I let her watch just anything on tv. There's a list of approved shows, what times they are on, and what's absolutely NOT allowed. Some of the shows I don't allow are due to their content. For example, "It's a Big Big World" is an adorable show that I used to love, until they started talking about how the World Tree has a spirit if you believe it has a spirit and that if you chose to believe that then that's great but if you don't believe that then you're just as right as the person that does believe. As long as you're true to your heart. Come on, now, are you REALLY targeting toddlers with this? It's not PBS's place to introduce this concept into my home. So it's a not allowed show due to content. As are "Caililou" (sp?) (whiny brat that gets his way) and "Phineas and Ferb" (mom's stupid, boys can do whatever they want with no consequences, sister is a tattletale, etc). On the otherhand, Barney, Doddlebops and many others are just not allowed b/c I can't stand them. If I never allow her to watch them, then she doesn't know what she's missing, right? ;) That being said, I need to type out my list of what's on and when it shows so that Daddy knows what he can show her anytime I'm not home.

Ok, it's been 10 minutes, he's still asleep. I'm headed that way! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We're home!

The first half of our trip might have been fraught with mishaps and mechanical issues, but the second half didn't get any better. I spent it with a high fever , no voice, and a constant cough. My mother drove 95% of the time. If you had passed on on the highway, this is what you would have seen:

Once we got here we were thrilled with the house! I promise to take pictures of it soon.

My mother and I loaded up a uhaul and moved most of our belongings in Friday. My mother-in-law and I moved the rest in on Tuesday. Chris got home the next day, Wednesday, June 4th.

But now onto homecoming. I don't know how other branches do it, but in the Navy, Homecoming isn't just a big deal -- it's a huge event. The FRG plans for it for months. They hold fundraisers and schedules marching bands and invite the news media out. There is a contest for the First Kiss off the boat. The wife that wins the First Kiss is escorted up the ladder to greet her husband as he is the first person (before the captain even) allowed off the ship. And there they kiss and the media takes tons of pictures. (No, we were not First Kiss.) And the base is decorated is signs, banners and streamers proclaiming the return of the ship for a good week before they arrive.

I cannot even begin to explain the excitement as my mother-in-law, the kids and I pulled onto the base to go to Homecoming. We were told to be at the jetties (rocks right before they enter the pier) by 8 am when the ship would become visible on the horizon. We didn't know that only 3 other people would actually attend that part, but I don't regret doing it.

Looking out at the horizon:

While waiting, we saw dolphins! There were 3 or 4 of them, but these are the best shots that I got.

All of a sudden, I saw the ship!

As they were pulling in, helicopters did a fly by to welcome them home!

From the jetties we rushed over to the pier to greet our sailor. The Navy band was playing as well as a local middle school marching band.

We had spent weeks talking about how Daddy was coming home soon with Kairi, but she was still confused to say the least when we got there and started telling her that Daddy was on that "boat".

Before long, though, we found Daddy on the boat -- do you see him?

Kairi finally does! (Well, maybe....)

First Kiss this year went to a Lieutenant's wife who was 8 months pregnant. After kissing her, he dropped down on one knee and kissed her stomach. It was adorable!

Surprisingly, Chris was one of the first sailors off the ship ...
(Look for the black laptop case in his hand.)

It took Kairi a while to even approach Daddy...

But on the car ride to lunch (about 45 minutes after he'd been home) she made a breakthrough. My mil was sitting in the backseat b/w the carseats.
She patted Nana on the arm. In very hushed tones:
Nana. Nana...
What baby?
Nana, Nana look.
What am I looking at baby?
Nana, look. My ..... my DAAAADDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- at the top of her lungs

Since then, all I hear about is Daddy. Daddy and his boat. It's the sweetest thing.

Alex is having a hard time adjusting to Daddy, though. He just isn't sure that Daddy is an ok person. It's slowly getting better, but it's definitely going to take some time.

Here's a few other pictures of the kids ....

As you can tell, internet is officially up and running! I was having to use Chris' phone before to access the internet, and that's not any fun at all.

Missed ya'll!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Home!

And we have been for quite some time. But until we have internet (no later than Thursday) I can't post pictures or include many details. Just know that we're all here and I have lots of cute stories!