Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Children's Favorite Chair

All too often I find myself saying "don't sit on me," "I have things to do," "I can't hold you right this second," or "I'm not a chair/jungle gym/ladder!". I know that I told Kairi this morning that I couldn't hold her because I had to get ready for Dash to come over. But a few minutes ago, as I sat reading a couple favorite blogs, Alex crawled over and asked me to hold him. And as he cuddled in my lap, letting out a huge sigh, it hit me, today I am his favorite chair. I was yesterday as well. And tomorrow I still will be. But give it 2-3 years (that's not near as far away as it sounds), and he'll repulsed by the idea of crawling up in my lap for a cuddle. He won't like it when I play with his hair, or kiss his cheek. He won't have that baby smell that gives me a high everytime.

Kairi's already at the point where the only times she wants to be held are when I'm holding Alex (or Dash), when she's scared, or when I'm sitting on the floor.

So today as I hold Alex in my lap and smell his hair, I want to treasure what a special gift it is to be his favorite chair. And I write this to help me remember to take the time to just hold him.

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marineof2 said...

Awwwww! I miss those days too! They grow up way too fast!