Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ms. Dee, Meet Kairi.....

Since the first time we moved to Jacksonville, Kairi's Sunday School teacher has been Ms. Dee. Kairi loves Ms. Dee and gets excited about going to see her. When we moved back, Ms. Dee was one of the first names that Kairi started saying again. She was thrilled to be back in Ms. Dee's class. Every Sunday between class and nursery, I would go and stand in the room to see how she behaved during class and to wait for the nursery worker to come in so that I could give any instructions that may be needed about Kairi. Ms. Dee and Miss Kathy (the other teacher) have always assured me that Kairi behaved perfectly. She interacts and sings along and shares. She never yells or pushes or takes things away from the other children. And every Sunday I've wondered, who is this child that they speak of, and why does she disappear at home?

Today was no different than most. I walked in the room b/w class and nursery to wait for the teacher exchange. Ms. Dee and I started talking.

M: How did we behave today?
D: Alex was perfect. He always is. He behaves great.
M: Well that's good!
D: But I have to be honest with you. Last week about 3/4 of the way through class, Kairi became a different person. I thought that she was just exerting her independence. She did it again today.
M: Really? (trying to not laugh) She did just turn two. And honestly, this wonderful child you've always described, I didn't know her. I know the one you described today. Since the day she was born we've called her a diva.
D: That was her today!
M: (Still trying to not laugh.) I'm sure it's a mixture of the terrible twos, exerting her independence, and finally feeling comfortable enough in here to show you exactly who she is.
D: That's what I thought, but I really was surprised. I didn't know who this child was! I've never met her before...I was in shock.

Ms. Dee ............ Meet Kairi.



Mama Kalila said...

LOL that's cute... Is funny to see how they act differently in diff situations.

marineof2 said...

The pictures at the end totally showed the story! LOL!