Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a Bright Day

Kairi has a taggie sun that she adores. His name is Day. Day goes everywhere with her. If she really really really likes you, she'll let you hold Day for a few minutes. When she wants to calm Baby Dash, she'll give him Day -- but Alex would be hit for touching Day. She does NOT sleep without him. I did not encourage this. Just one day she picked him up, named him, and he's gone everywhere with her since that day ... until Wednesday.

We went to the doctor's office and Day was with us. We got back in the car, and Day was with us. We got to Walmart to fill Alex's prescriptions, and Day was with us. We left Walmart. Kairi fell asleep on the car ride home. I put her to bed.

She woke up screaming for Day. He's not in the car, or in the diaper bag, or in the house, or in the bags from Walmart. I can't find Day. I don't say his name without spelling it out from this point on.

I spent 20 minutes on hold with Walmart's lost and found department. They couldn't find him. I decided to drive up to Walmart myself and find him. But he wasn't there. Kairi screamed for him the entire time. "Daaaay! Mommy, home. I wan Day! Day NOW Mommy, Where my Day?" A sweet lady offered to help find him in the store b/c Kairi was so upset. No such luck.

Kairi cried herself to sleep b/c she missed her Day. :(

I called the doctor's office and Walmart a second time the next day. Still no Day. I found him online, but he did NOT fit into our budget. It's not that he was terribly expensive, it's that our budget is that restrictive. What to do, what to do?

Over the last few days, Kairi has 1) screamed for him for hours, 2) woken up multiple times asking for him, 3) bawled every time we got in the car b/c he was missing, 4) thrown up because she was so crying so hard for him, and 5) cried at a picture of a sun. We needed a new Day.

I told my girls online about it. I knew they could sympathize, and they did. We all "grieved" for Day, for Kairi's loss, and for what that meant for my future in trying to get Kairi to sleep. And then, one of them decided to do something about it. Joyce found him, bought him, and had him mailed to us!

Today might as well have been her birthday:








She has clutched him all day. Right now she is taking her nap, and because she was allowed to sleep with Day, there was no screaming or crying or fighting nap time. She went down, and she's still out. :)



Mama Kalila said...

That is really sweet that she got her a new one! Glad it all worked out. How old was she that she attached herself to it? I'm, not really worried but kinda lol, because Kalila has not done that w/ any of hers.

Btw - I LOVE the new layout.. It looks nice!

Steph said...

It started in June. My advice, if you notice her being attached to something, IMMEDIATELY get a duplicate.

And thanks! I've been working on both the blogs today. :)

marineof2 said...

Awww you even blogged about it! I am glad I could help you guys out! Like I said I have been in that situation of a left behind lovie, so I know how it is!