Saturday, September 20, 2008

A House of Sick

It became official Thursday afternoon.

My son has a double ear infection. He may or may not have a stomach virus. It could be the antibiotics he's been on causing his problems. Or it could be all the mucous draining from his head to his stomach. Whatever it is ... he needs a bath twice a day just to handle the smell.

Kairi woke up from her nap shortly before I took Alex to the doctor running a fever. So she got to join us at the appointment. (This also meant that Daddy went with us -- yay!) I didn't think that she was terribly sick but, as my mom pointed out, something caused the fever. Might as well find out what it is while we're there. Turns out, it's viral tonsillitis. She has blisters all over her tonsils.

Leaving the doctor's office, it hit me that my throat had been bothering me that day as well. Looked in the mirror, and yeah, I've got a nice red throat too. Wonderful.

Oh, and one of Chris's ears is bothering him.

Would you like to come over and eat w/ us? hahahahahahahahaha................

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