Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's all about Kairi...

Or this post is at least. I know, I know, I need to get better about blogging during the week and not all at once. But at least I blog! So I'll title each part of this as if it were a blog post in and of itself. :D

"What happened to Six?"

Monday was the day to clean Kairi's room. I had Kairi and Alex and Dash in there to "help". Which really means that Dash was sitting in the bumbo and yelling b/c I wasn't holding him. Alex was dumping every single thing that I had just filled (think bag of foam blocks, basket of plastic blocks, bookcase full of books, etc). And Kairi was running behind my back and transferring things -- take the block out of the bag and put it in the play stove, take the food out of the play refrigerator and put it in the bookcase, take a book out of the bookcase and put it in the bed,.... you get the idea.

Now, when Kairi "cleans" she also counts. This started when we were living in Midland and we went to visit my grandparents' house. Every time it was time to go we would have her put the toys back in the toy box, and the only way to get her to do it was to count each toy as she put it in. Normally Kairi's counting goes like this "two, twree, two, twree, fif, eight, nine, two, twree, fourf, ten, svn, fif, nine". More recently she's been able to go "one, two, twree, one, two, twree, one, two, twree, one, two, twree". But Monday, I was in shock.

I heard:
One, two, twree, fourf, fif.
With this feat alone I was rejoicing and praising her! But she wasn't going to stop there...She started over
"One, two, twree, fourf, fif. Svn,Eight,Nine,Ten."
After every number my heart jumped ... how smart is she?!? I was proud and excited and laughing because she skipped the number six.

She hasn't done it again since then, but she has counted along with me several times. I'm so proud of her, but also a little sad -- my baby girl is growing up!


"My Favorite Lipstick"

Last night after supper, Kairi was set free from the table while Chris and I talked and started to clean up. Eventually we walked into the living room at the same time.

As we walked in, Kairi tossed my lipstick tube and tried to wipe her hands on her shirt -- like that was going to help.

Again, clickable links.


"See the Moon!"

Kairi has found the led flashlight that Chris and I bought as part of our hurricane prep. She's been carrying it around the house and pointing it at dark walls shouting:

See the moon! Mommy! The moon! See it!


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