Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pinning her down

I've just about decided that I need to buy a second highchair to strap Kairi down. She was still eating breakfast while I cleared the rest of the table. I turned around for less than 30 seconds to put dishes in the sink, and when I turned back around she was standing in the middle of the table with my glass of tea upside down. I spanked her butt and put her in timeout, but I seriously doubt that it prevents a repeat performance.

Maybe I can just use duct tape to keep her at the table .......


If Alex has another ear infection I may lose my mind. His nose is pouring, and I mean POURING. And when he's tired he's messing with his ear again. Hopefully it's nothing, but if it continues through Friday, I'm calling the doctor again.


Who taught my daughter what an ice cream cone is? She had never had one before ... but yesterday when we walked by an ice cream store in the mall, she started screeching for ice cream. I had already planned on us going in at the end of our shopping trip, so we stopped for a cone.

First of all, she would not share with her brother. Nor would she allow me to hold it. Alex let me hold his cone, and he ended up with some on his face, but no where else. He also allowed me to frequently wipe his face off. Kairi did not. She had ice cream from her eyes to her belly button. It was caked all over her arms and dress and her half of the stroller. It was under her chin in the crease at her neck ... ick. She ate down to the cone, and then tried to steal Alex's.

You could hear her shouting several stores away: "Ummmmmmy Mommy, so ummy! Ank you Mommy! Ank you! So ummmy!"

I thanked God that I had already bought her a new dress, and took her to the bathroom where I stripped her, bathed her in the sink, and then dressed her in her new clothes. From there we went and bought her new shoes to go with her pretty new dress. We also found a skirt, and 2 shirts all on sale.

Alex got one outfit and a pair of pants with an adjustable waist band -- Can you imagine? Pants that FIT him! Hurray!!!


I need to stop typing. I'm hearing a rattling noise coming from the kitchen that I KNOW is not a normal noise...........

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Mama Kalila said...

Duct tape works wonders... and would a high chair work? (can she get out now?) I'm not looking forward to Kalila doing stuff like that...

I hope he doesn't... I'm afraid Kalila may too, keeping an eye on it as well. Ear infections suck!

Mmmm... We're getting icecream today. Well, Jas & I are lol. Baby's not getting it for another couple weeks. Since she's having her cake a week later (party is on the 4th) I figured we'd give her some icecream at the zoo on her bday. I'm almost looking forward to the mess lol. The ummmy is so cute though!

Hope nothing is up lol. Have a great week!