Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Crib Recalls....

If you hadn't heard yet, there have been more crib recalls. Simplicity is once again the culprit.

And yes, our crib was on it. The recall states that you should return the recalled item to the original retailer for a refund/exchange.

I bought our crib from our neighbor when we moved into the house -- I had no clue where they originally bought it. So I asked them. :) They bought it at WalMart. Chris and I took the crib apart and loaded it up in the car. I took it up to the store for the recall.

They almost didn't let me in the store w/ the old crib. The guy didn't understand English and kept telling me that returns must have a upc or else you can't come in. He eventually called his manager on me.

The manager turned me over to costumer service after letting me in. They promptly told me that they don't accept returns on products that are 3 yo. The manager got called BACK over there. He lectured them on the difference b/w a recall and a return and said that recalls are ALWAYS good.

And then they still had recalled cribs on the shelf! I almost bought one! The manager ran into me a THIRD time, saw the crib and almost blew a gasket b/c he recognized it from the recall list. He said that it should have been removed first thing this morning and then apologized over and over again b/c it wasn't.

There were only 2 on the shelf that weren't recalled. One was a $200 nursery in a box, which was made by Simplicity. No thank you.

Instead I got an ugly white one. It's a 3-in-1 convertible. And it's the absolute EASIEST crib I've ever put together. And Alex is already asleep in it. And I keep telling myself ... at least it's safe. :) Well, maybe.

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Mama Kalila said...

Oh no! I get to go check mine yet again... Kalila's sleeping though, so not a good time to go look for the number lol. I think I'm good though because I have that stupid nursery in a box. I'm glad you found something at least... and hope it doesn't wind up on a list too.