Sunday, November 16, 2008

Princess Shoes

Yesterday I ran to Target to buy more diapers for Kairi.

While there I decided that I needed to buy the kids the shoes. Alex no longer has any that fit (other than one pair of sandals) and Kairi needed black shoes to wear w/ her winter dresses.

First I look for Kairi, I find a style I love, but the 6 1/2 they had it in was almost too small, and no 7s. While I was still searching for a 7 in it, my mom called. Kairi suddenly yelled "Pincess Shoes!!! Mommy! Look! Pincess shoes!!! Pincess shoes!!!" Every one in hearing range turned around to look at her. My mom heard her. I whipped around to see what she was talking about. There were red sparkly shoes on the rack. And apparently they were princess shoes. I decided that we would NOT be getting them b/c where in the world was she going to wear red sparkly shoes? My mom decided that Kairi had to have them though. She's sending us $12 to reimburse us. In the end, the other pair of shoes she got were black sparkly shoes, b/c it was the only black pair of dress shoes that were in a size that'd fit her. In my mom's defense, she started naming all the dresses in Kairi's closet that would go w/ the red shoes and once I thought about it, there are more than I originally thought.

And then I looked for Alex. I wanted soft soled shoes that looked like real shoes. They had converses for $15. They're soft soled and REALLY cute. (I still haven't found hard soled shoes that will work for him besides sandals though.) And when I bought them, I got a free $5 gc from Target. Which the cashier was nice. She immediately rung up everything up to that point, I paid it. And then we rung up the diapers and Alex's onesie separately and paid for that so that I could use the gc on some of it.

I may go back after I get paid Monday and buy another pair of them in a larger size so that he has ones to wear when he outgrows the 3's. Oh, and Kairi wanted me to buy the black sparkly shoes that matched hers but in my size. She told me that they were Mommy-pincess shoes.


Marlyn said...


My girls' dress shoes are ALWAYS red. As long as I pick, they will be red patent. It's the best neutral. Matches everything!

Steph said...

I'll have to remember that! Kairi loves shoes but I have a hard time finding ones that I like as well as she does.