Friday, November 21, 2008

Alex Update

I had Alex checked out again today because he just wasn't acting much better.

He has a double ei. The worst yet. He received 2 shots today and was prescribed a medicine that's so new on the market that TriCare won't pay for it. Luckily, he had samples for us. He's meeting us at the office tomorrow morning to check him out again.

And we have to see an ENT because Alex needs tubes.

Thankfully, Chris made it home just in time for the appt. And I will spare you the details of most of it, b/c it involved a lot of crying from a baby and Mommy near tears because of Alex's discomfort. Dr. Weiss does his best, but it still hurts and that makes Mommy want to cry.

I'm happy that we're on the road to get him better. But I want to cry at the thought of tubes.


EDIT: Saturday, November 22
Alex's left ear is clear! His right ear is still yucky, but thank God for progress!

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Mama Kalila said...

I'm sorry! But at least they'll help the poor dear. One of my sisters had to have them and she did great afterwards. I almost did, but was one EI short of it lol.