Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Quit!

You had a glimpse of Kairi's most frequent pose in Alex's birthday pictures, but here's a reminder:


She makes that face with her arms folded and declares for the world to hear "I QUIT!". She most frequently "quits" when she's told that she can't have what she wants to eat for supper. Here's how this evening's dinner went:

K: Mommy, No. I wan pie.
M: No pie. Eat your supper.
takes a small bite of her food after scowling for a few minutes
K: Mommy. Pie, now.
M: No pie.
M: Fine, go to bed.
M: If you're going to quit, then quit in your bed. Otherwise, eat your food.
K: No, Mommy.
takes another bite
K: Mommy, where pie? I wan pie.
M: Kairi, you're not getting any pie. Eat your rice.
Mommy ignores.
Kairi takes another bite.

K: Mommy, it no good. I wan pie.
M: Kairi. There is NO pie. Stop asking. Take a bite of spinach.
takes another bite of food
M: Kairi, if you say that you quit one more time you're going to bed. Got it? Good.
K: Mommy, no bed. No tired. Mommy, I eat.
M: Good job Kairi.
K: Mommy, pie peez? Pate empy ... see?
Mommy looks over to see an empty plate with food scattered all over the table.
M: Kairi, you are not getting pie. You are not done with your food. Eat your food or else go to bed.
K: I QUIT! Mommy, I go to bed.

She's in bed. She did not take herself there as she implied she would, but Mommy insisted.

I don't know where either the pie or the quitting obsessions started. I do know, though, that when she decided that her enchiladas were pie Thursday, that I allowed her to continue to believe that they were. She ate them, and that was the important thing. I also didn't correct her when she declared her breakfast pie yesterday morning, or her grilled cheese for lunch today. So what makes something worthy of being called pie? Most days she loves swiss steak (our supper this evening), but it certainly didn't qualify as pie....


Mama Kalila said...

That was adorable.. I'm sorry, but cute!

Marlyn said...

Greggie's line is "Go away!" She says it the same way Kairi says, "I quit." It's awful though -- the nice lady in the grocery store whose saying, "Oh, what a cute little girl you are!" GO AWAY.


Steph said...

That's almost cute! LOL ... Kairi enjoys the phrase "Go away" as well, but she slacked off in saying it after she discovered that "I quit" irritates Daddy more.