Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretty BooBoos

One of the many "blessings" of childbearing is that most mothers end up with a roadmap of stretchmarks across their stomach. I have no need of a map to get from my house in Florida to my parents' house in Texas as I have a permanent map on my stomach. And no matter how much weight I lose, the marks are still there--fading with time, but there nevertheless.

This morning was hectic. Shoot, it still is hectic. I am simply taking a small break in the insanity before I forget this moment. I wasn't able to grab a shower until 11:30, despite having been awake since 6:10am. After my shower, Kairi was talking to me as I got dressed. Suddenly she noticed the scars from my gallbladder surgery.

Booboo Mommy?
Yes baby. Mommy had surgery there.
I sorry Mommy.
It's ok baby. It doesn't hurt anymore.
Nudder booboo Mommy? (Pointing to another gallbladder scar.)
Yes baby, another booboo.
I sorry Mommy.
It's ok baby. That one doesn't hurt anymore either.
Oooo ... Mommy, another booboo? (Pointing to a stretchmark.)
Yes Kairi. That's another booboo.
Mommy, is petty.
It's pretty?
Yes Mommy. And dat one and dat one and dat one and dat one and dat.....
Ok! I get it. Mommy's stretchmarks are pretty. And there's a lot of them.
silence for a moment
What Princess?
I like petty booboos. Kiss it?

Kairi kissed several of my pretty booboos while I desperately tried to not laugh from her ticklish kisses.

What a perspective she has though...I usually look at them as pesky unattractive marks. But they are a symbol of the things I went through while carrying both of my babies. And for that reason, they really are "pretty booboos".


Katrina said...

Too sweet! :')

Mama Kalila said...

Awwww... From the mouths of babes right?