Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'll be around again, eventually...

The next two weeks are going to fly by. This week is going to be spent preparing for next week. Before the 8th, my house needs to be spotless, all the meals for the next week need to be planned out and prepared for as much as possible, I have to buy the kids' their Christmas outfits, and I need a dress for 3 parties/events. I also have to finish lining up babysitters for the next week.

And then, the madness begins.

8th: Alex's pre-surgery physical, ear recheck, and flu shot.

9th: Between 3 and 4 we'll be told what time Alex's surgery the next day is going to be held at. Then we have the Life Group's Christmas party. It's being held at Kate's house. We'll put Princess to bed there and leave her there that night.

10th: Kate will take Kairi to whomever's house she will be spending the day with. We're close to knowing who that will be, but nothing definite yet. Alex will have surgery. That night is church, but we'll decide how the family's doing that afternoon before we all head out there.

11th: Ship's Christmas party. Looks like Kate to the rescue again, because she just volunteered to keep them as late as we need her to that night. Semi-formal event held in a ballroom. I need a nice dress.

12th: Church's Christmas party. Formal event. Wearing the same dress as I did at the ship's party. Chris is singing in a quartet. Kate and I are discussing a possible skit.... We'll see. It's a child-free event, so we're trying to arrange childcare to be held at the church so that we can all go. Otherwise, they'll find that most of the young adults can't attend -- we all have kids!

13th: Chris is taking me to dinner and then to a musical. We still need childcare for this night as well.

14th: Chris has duty.

So as you can tell, unless we have things perfectly prepared for that week, life's going to fall apart! Wish us luck in getting ready for the holiday whirlwind!

ETA: As of this morning (the 1st), Chris will be out of town until Friday. Leaves again the following Monday, and comes back that Tuesday. Any one else want to throw some more into this week?

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