Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alex saw the ENT

Alex has temporary mild to moderate hearing loss caused by the multiple ear infections. There's quite a bit of fluid on his ears. We will have tubes put in his ears on the 10th. After that, he should regain his hearing and make a full recovery! We suspected that he had muffled hearing. He barely responds and just is not speaking. The only time he babbles is when he doesn't have a cold (which is near never). I was shocked to hear the words "hearing loss" but not about what caused it. And I'm thankful that it's not permanent.

He also has moderate reflux. We're treating it w/ prevacid solutabs.

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Mama Kalila said...

Oh I'm sorry! But at least you know and can fix it... (wow that rings oddly to me since I just said that to Jas about our truck situation lol) I hope the procedure goes well and that he gets better soon!