Saturday, August 23, 2008

A summary

I wrote 2 posts yesterday for your enjoyment. But with my internet being out (thankyouverymuchtropialstormfay) I was unable to post them. I'll put them up today.... later. You know, whenever I turn the computer on that I wrote on and saved them to. (Oh dear ... too many phrases and sentences ending w/ prepositions ... oh well, too tired to fix it.)

Tropical Storm Fay began affecting us last Friday ... maybe Thursday. It's still affecting us today, but now it's more like it began: cloudy skies and some wind. Ok, so the wind's still stronger than it started out, but I have faith that that will die down as well.

By Wednesday night, the rain seemed to be coming down harder than I'd ever seen rain fall. It'd rain 30-90 minutes, slack off, rain again, slack off, but it was always hard when it was raining.

Fay moved slowly so that made it worse. Much worse. And also made for a boring week as we couldn't allow the hooligans outside.

Chris and I stocked up on foods that were storm friendly and cooked a couple extra meals so that if the power went out, we weren't stuck with just canned goods.

Thursday was when we were supposed to experience the worst of it. We had internet, satellite, power, water ....

Friday wasn't supposed to be as bad. Chris had duty that morning through Sunday morning, so we woke up bright and early (5am -- ugh) and took him to work. It was so strange to see the base practically evacuated! I hated driving back to the house in the storm and by myself, but tried to convince myself that all would be just fine.
I had no internet and my satellite was in and out all day long. Satellite wouldn't be a big deal if I could toss the kids outside (I'd go with them of course), but there's only so many activities I can come up with some days when the kids want nothing more than to be outside. Kairi was very unhappy with the situation, and if she's in a poor mood, so is Alex. That's just the way it works.
We did have a water incident in our house. I walked into the kitchen during naptime to see water on the floor under my table. I just knew it was child-related, and grabbed towels to clean it up with, but as I was wiping away, I realized that there was no cup under or on the table to explain the liquid. It had no smell and was completely clear..... Then I looked over and realized that it was seeping from my baseboards. Ack! I went outside and dug a hole in the flowerbed that lines that outside wall to drain the water away from the house and to put a barricade up b/w the house and the water. That majorly slowed the water down, and then within 30 min to an hour or so the rain slowed down again, and from that point on I had no water in my house.
Nevertheless, we survived.

Then there's today. Now that the major part of the storm has passed, I woke up without power. Ack! It was only an hour and a half without power, but it could have been for a few days as some people have experienced. I'm going to put the kids down for a nap very soon and take one myself. After the last few days (and nights of no sleep thankyouverymuchalex), we all need a nice long nap. Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on the laundry....

I'll post the others later ... but for now it's nap time!

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