Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 Year and 9 Month Well-Visit

Today we braved the doctor's office. Kairi's fit started the moment we were called back. It did not end until we were out of the office. Alex was fine and laughing the whole time.

Kairi: 27lbs, 32 1/4 in
He's happy that we've been successful at reintroducing cheese. He wants us to try Lactaid milk soon.
Instead of ordering an allergy test, he wants us to challenge her with peanuts. We're to touch a peanut and then immediately touch her, record the reaction. We need to do this several times w/ about a week b/w each time. If this turns out ok, then we'll touch her skin directly w/ a peanut shell. Next would be a peanut. If she can tolerate those, then he won't prescribe an epipen. One reaction, though, and we'll have to carry the pen around. He told me to label EVERYTHING that someone else could see that she has a peanut allergy. He said that he hopes that one day we can challenge her with an actual bite of peanut butter, but warned that that may be years down the road. In the meantime, he said to keep giving her the soy butter and to always be willing to provide the snacks wherever we go in order to avoid peanuts -- which I do anyway.

Alex: (my shrimp!) 16 1/2 lbs., 26 1/2 in long
Everything looks good! He did say that his growth is sorta leveling out, and that he wouldn't be upset if we gave him one cup of formula a day. He said to not replace a meal time w/ the formula, but that it would give him a drink w/ a little bit more calories -- maybe we can plump him up some this way. But if I chose to not, then he won't be upset about it. Otherwise, he's in perfect health and will just always be a small child!

Both of them hand the finger prick. Alex just blinked and then tried to get his hand back. Kairi acted like she was being stabbed. I also had to physically pin Kairi down to be examined. We talked about each thing that the doctor was going to do before the appointment and she was fine when we talked about it, but today she went into panic mode. I didn't get upset or frustrated with her, which the doctor was glad about -- but I just don't know what I'm going to do about that child. Next time Chris will HAVE to go, b/c she's sooo strong I'm not sure that I'll be able to hold her down myself again.


Mama Kalila said...

Glad the kids are doing well.. and hope your husband can make it next time.

I didn't realze you had to watch peanuts w/ her.. did she have a reaction before, or while nursing or just bcause of her other allergies?

We weren't told to supplement Kalila yet (although if she tries to order it I'll supplement bm instead, I've heard you can do that) but to go to three meals a day and nurse anytime she wants it (do anyway lol) We have to go for a weight check soon... I'm hoping she's gained some weight.

Steph said...

Right around her first birthday she got ahold of a peanut shell and got a hive on her face. It happened again a few days later. We've avoided it since.

I had planned on just pumping an extra cup of milk a day, but I can't find my pump and can't afford a new one.

Mama Kalila said...

Oh no.. Hopfully things go well w/ yall challenging it.

Understood.. I still have mine, but it doesn't work on me anymore lol. The mechanics work just fine (well, bad wording it's manual lol) but it gets very little out. I'm having to hand express any time I need to pump. Oddly it works better for me than the pump ever did. (except maybe at the beginning when I had a huge over supply) We talked about gettng a new (more advanced) one if I went back to work, but thankfully I don't think it's gonna be an issue, at least not yet.

Steph said...

When I had my gallbladder and pancreas attacks I went through a test that required that I not nurse for 24 hours. And then again when I had surgery I had to not nurse for a while. So my parents bought me a really nice Medela. I wish I had it still. It apparently got lost in the move. :( I couldn't imagine using a manual! And hand expressing has never worked for me. Maybe I just do it wrong, but I've never been able to do that.

Glad going back to work doesn't seem to be an issue right now! I'm dreading the day I have to, and it's looking more and more like that'll be sooner rather than later.