Monday, August 18, 2008

Still finding it EVERYWHERE

Today was the first day since our vaseline incident that I have had a moment to deep clean Kairi's room, where the incident took place.

I found vaseline on the play-kitchen's stove, sink, refrigerator; on multiple dishes; on board books; on play bibs; on a pair of too small shoes; and on one of the legs of her bed.


I found another frog in our house today. This is number 4. At least this one was alive and able to be set free....


Kairi's leg is fine. She doesn't even notice anymore that there was a boo-boo. She cried when I took off the bandaid, but food distracted her from that.


We had turkey cheese melts for lunch today. As I pulled Kairi's sandwich off the grill, I called for her. I didn't hear her respond, so Chris went searching for her. She was in her bed. Asleep! We have no idea when she put herself to bed, but I'm proud of her for doing so! She woke up at 2:15 and is in a great mood. :)


If you heard about Chris' kidney stones, then you'll be happy to hear that he's ok now. He's still sore, but that's it.


Saturday morning, I decided that I had had enough. Alex has been up 4 times that night to nurse. Chris was up with kidney stones. Kairi was up. I barely got any sleep. It was happening more and more often. So I made a plan. I would nurse Alex ONCE that night. And that was it.

Saturday night went like this:
~ 8:30pm Go to bed.
~11:30pm Wake up and nurse.
~ 1:30am Wake up and go back to sleep quickly after being given his pacifier back.
~ 3:00am Wake up and scream for forever. Finally sobbed himself to sleep at 4am.
~ 5:30am Wake up and go back to sleep quickly after being given his pacifier back.
~ 6:15am Wake up. Mommy decided that since it was after 6am it was alright to let him nurse again. Goes back to sleep after nursing.
~ 6:45am Wake up for the day.

It was a long night ... but it could have gone worse.

Last night looked like this
~ 8:30pm Go to bed.
~ 1:30am Wake up and nurse. Go back to sleep quickly.
~ 7:25am Wake up for the day.


Now, that does not mean that tonight will go as well ... but I'm so thankful for a good night, that I'm not about to even start to consider what that might mean. :)


Mama Kalila said...

I'm sorry about the sleep.. I feel ya there.. I was up all night (literally) a few days ago cleaning... was awful... and the next day was up until 11 so about 36 hours strait... then haven't had a full night either night since. Im praying for one tonight.

That's really sweet about her putting herself to bed too.

Steph said...

It's ok, it's getting better! Since the stomach bug hit our house a little over a month ago, I'd not had more than 3 hours straight of sleep. It was wearing me down.

How did we do it in college? I remember when staying up for 36 hours was no big deal. Now I can't even fathom that idea -- I'd die. :)

I hope you get some sleep soon!