Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Blog?

Yes, that's right. I created a new blog. But not to replace this one at all. Instead, I just wanted a place where I could post the fun recipes I've been trying recently. I'm sure that the people I love get tired of hearing about the details of my cooking, but I needed a place to go into it, so we have "What's For Dinner?". I've asked my friend Jammie to join me in posting recipes. We may have to bug her from time to time to remind her that the blog exists, but I'm really excited about sharing recipes with her!

So come on over and spend some time with us! If you have a recipe to share, email it to me (colornineus@gmail.com) and I'll post it!

1 comment:

Mama Kalila said...

Cool! I'm adding it to my list.. can always use new recipes!