Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mommy, Baby. He Cry.

My efforts to get Alex sleeping all night long continued last night. He woke up at 1:30am. I laid in bed and listened to him fuss. And fuss. And fuss. He wasn't screaming, so I was going to let him stay there. That is, until I heard Kairi cry. Now you have to understand, that when Kairi gets up in the middle of the night that something's wrong. Either she's scared or her stomach hurts or she has a dirty diaper. She's like her Mommy--sleep is to be cherished and not interrupted. So when she started crying, I knew that I had to get up. I go into her room and hold her for a minute, told her that everything was ok, and to go back to sleep. She looked me in the eye and goes "Mommy! Baby cry. Mommy, Baby. He crrrrrrrry!" I told her to wait just a minute. I gave Alex his pacifier back, laid him down, and watched him go back to sleep. Go back in Kairi's room. "Is that better baby?" "Yesh, Mommy. Bebber." "Night night baby." "Nigh nigh Mommy."

She rolled over and went back to sleep. What a good big sister!


For future reference:

Husbands shouldn't put up groceries. At least not without very specific directions that are written out so that they can refer back to them at any given momeny. At the beginning of the month after my grocery shopping trip I was running late for another event and told Chris to put up the groceries.
I said: "And don't put the meat in the freezer, I need to repackage it first. Just leave it in the fridge."
He heard: "Put the meat in the freezer."
So he put a 3lb package of chicken and a 4.5lb package of ground beef in the freezer.
Now, the chicken was easily dealt with. I thawed it out and fixed half one day and the rest the next. But 4.5lbs of ground beef? Seriously? What do you do with that? It doesn't help that I have been limiting the amount of red meat we eat for less fatty foods.
Last night I had to thaw it out. I had to do SOMETHING with it.
Half of it became meatballs. We had meatballs and spaghetti last night. I will freeze the meatballs we don't eat at lunch.
The rest was browned with garlic and onions, and frozen I figure that this'll make it easy to make taco meat in the future. Or a taco salad. Or add some ground meat to pasta. Or beef stroganoff. Or ... anything else you might use browned meat in.

I guess I should be thankful because now I have 3 easy meals that are frozen and ready for me to fix later. .... Yeah, thankful. :)

(Sidenote: I'm really not upset with Chris over this. I'm simply amused that he thought that freezing 4.5lbs of ground beef was a good idea. And I am STILL appreciative of his efforts to put away groceries and all the other things he has done to help out around the house recently.)


Mama Kalila said...

That is sweet! And LOL on hte husband/groceries thing. Although I just wish mine would help put them away... Apparently he thinks it's his job to carry them all in... at once. No matter how many bags we have or how heavy. He loads himself down to the point of almost colapsing... and sometimes carries the baby on top of this. then he dumps them in the floor and leaves me to put them up. Oh well.

Mama Kalila said...

I should have waited five minutes to comment... i've finally finished my dinner party post & you're invited!

Steph said...

I'll trade you. LOL ... I can't get Chris to carry them in to save my life. The only reason he put them away is because I brought them in 10 minutes after I was already supposed to be somewhere. I told him that he either put them up, or let the $200 I had just spent go bad. Actually, all I expected to be put away when I got home were the perishables. I was in shock when he had done it all! :)

Steph said...

Oh, and yay! :)