Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Adventure .....

*We = Gramma (my mother), Me, Kairi, Alex, Aslan (cat)

We were doing fairly good time-wise on Monday, despite my debit card being stolen. It had been canceled. A new one ordered. And a fraud alert put on the account.

We got to Abilene around 2:00 or so. Stopped at Denny's to eat lunch. Got back in the car about 3:15. It was a hot day -- in the hundreds. Turn it on, start driving. But the ac doesn't immediately kick in. We decide that it just needs a few minutes b/c it's so hot. Surely it'll be working by the time we get to DQ to get iced drinks before we go. But it wasn't. We stop in the parking lot trying to decide what to do. We can't leave Abilene w/o an ac. Aslan was already starting to dehydrate. So we call Daddy to ask him to look up some place that we can take the car. Just as he answers, the car starts to overheat. I shut it down before it redlines.

We let the car cool down for a few minutes. Then we drove across the street to the hotel parking lot b/c there was actually shade and grass over there. Called a tow truck to get it to the dealership. When we realized that it was going to be an hour before they got to the car, we agreed that we had to check into the hotel that night. There was no way that the car would be fixed that night since it would be almost 5 before we even got it to the dealership.

We checked in, pulled EVERYTHING out of the car. All the bags off the top, everything inside it -- pain in the butt. Oh, except Alex's carseat was stuck in the VW, b/c Micah put it in w/ the LATCH system for us. There was no way that I was getting it out. We decided to buy a $50 carseat at Walmart to put in the rental we were going to get.

The tow truck finally arrived. Took me to the dealership. Then they called Enterprise who came and picked me up. We got a Kia Rio for the night/next day. It was a stressful day. That night we enjoyed our stay in the hotel room -- at least we weren't hot anymore. The next day when we woke up, we realized that Kairi had DESTROYED the room w/ her playing. But at least Aslan used the litterbox and not the floor! We were trying to get packed up when they called saying that the car was ready.

The left electric fan had overheated and burnt out that motor. That in turn overheated the engine and caused the fuse panel to blow. $535 and some odd change for the car. I haven't even totaled up the other. I keep telling myself that emergencies like this are what we planned our savings account for, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

Anyway, we get to the dealership to get the car at 11:30. Then we got to drop off the rental car. Once we get there Mama realizes that the car needed to be gassed up, so she goes and does that while we stay w/ the VW while I nurse Alex. Kairi was sitting in the front passenger seat since we were just sitting in the car. The conversation went like this:
Mommy. Mooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee. (Real softly)
What baby?
Mommy. Mommy, look.
Not now baby, Brother's eating.
Mommy, Mommy look PEASE. Mommy, UH-OH!

I look down. There is poop coming out of her diaper. All over the seat. All over the cd case she's sitting on. All over her clothes.

Poor Alex didn't get to finish eating. I put him back in his carseat and start stripping my daughter. That's when I realize that we don't have the diaper bag. I find a spare diaper, but nothing to clean her up w/. As soon as Mama gets back w/ the rental car, I gave her Alex and ran inside Enterprise. I had her stand up in the sink while I cleaned her. It was GROSS.

We finally left Enterprise around 12:45. We gave one of the men there the extra carseat b/c he has a 7 month old so he'll be needing a convertible carseat soon. I did tell him that he could NOT turn his son forward-facing until 20 pounds and 1 year ... I hope he listened.

We got to the hotel around 1 and had it packed up by 2.

Got out of town eventually. I swear, though, that if it could go wrong, it did. We got the wrong order w/ our lunch. Kairi had diarrhea. Aslan got out of the car twice. blech -- It was a rough trip.

We got to Chris's parents house at 2:15am. I'm tired. We went to bed as we were -- clothes, makeup, etc. Didn't care.

Then at 3:30 or so, Kairi woke up, and in the process of trying to get out of the bed to take care of her, I fell out of the bed. My knee is super swollen and hurts to put weight on.

Anyway, that's our adventure. And I'm happy to be in one place for a little while. I'm glad that Mama was with me b/c otherwise I would have panicked and had a hard time w/ both kids and the cat.

I have taken several pictures with Chris' parents and will get them loaded and posted soon!

As a side note, I still get to meet with Jammie! We moved our plans from Tuesday to Friday. HURRAY! :D


marineof2 said...

Holy bad trip Steph! Sorry that you had such a rough time!!

Mama Kalila said...

Wow - that stinks! I'm sorry you had such a rough trip...

The carseat direction thing reminds me... We got that new convertable one, which we love - esp Kalila lol, and my MIL made a comment about how we need to start putting her in it facing forward. I told her no & explained why, but she just gave me this look like I don't know what I'm talking about. Note to self: installing it myself when she borrows it lol.