Friday, May 22, 2009

Way to Go Kairi!!!

Kairi took her diaper off as soon as she got up this morning and threw it away. I warned her that she had to go in the potty. If she went on the floor she'd have to wear a diaper again today. She told me "OK! I go in potty!"

And then ... she really did! She was crawling on me and suddenly looked at me and said "I want go potty." So we set down and she went. :D Hurray! It's not that she doesn't have control or know what to do ... we conquered that a long time ago. It's that she's not had the desire to do it, and I wasn't willing to push her.

Of course, as soon as Alex saw Kairi on the potty he wanted to sit there too. This is his 3rd time to sit on it. Nothing happens when he does, but it's more about letting him get used to it. He's showing interest so much earlier than Kairi did.... Hopefully this means he'll train sooner!

HURRAY! I love feeling like there's an end in sight to diapers. :D

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Marlyn said...

Yeah! Happy for you and her!

You could start part time EC'ing Alex -- we did that with Greggie around 9 months. She was fully potty independent by 19. It was awesome!