Friday, May 15, 2009

Kairi and Alex interactions

Kairi and Alex were watching Handy Manny this morning when suddenly that room was quiet. I went in to find out what was going on just in time to hear Kairi tell Alex "Don't push buttons. Go tell Mommy you pushed da button." Alex just looked at her like she was crazy. Quickly I realized that he had turned the satellite box off. Going to correct it, I also told Alex that he doesn't need to push buttons. At which point he looked at me and pointed to the tv and says:


Then he held his hands up while shrugging his shoulders as if to tell me that he has NOOOO idea how it happened. And then he hugged his sister and walked off grinning.


Yesterday Alex hit Kairi in the head with a toy. Kairi grabbed the toy from him, said "No hitting!" and then ran to me and said "He hit me! Tell Alex say sorry and hug me!".

She knows the process because she's been the culprit waaaay too many times.


Because I do make the kids immediately say sorry and hug the other person as soon as they hurt each other, Alex has begun to believe that a hug rights all wrongs and heals all hurts.

Yesterday Alex was trying to get Kairi's attention. He just wanted to play. He was calling "Sis! Sis! Sis!" as he squatted into his concentration-pose looking straight at her, but she wasn't turning around. Probably because it was the first time he'd ever said "sis" and she didn't know that that meant her. She kept playing with her music toys, completely oblivious to the start of of the sound of desperation in his voice. Soon he was sobbing while trying to get her to turn around and pay attention to him. Finally, he walked up to her, bent over so that his face was inches from hers and goes "Sis!!! Hugga!!!!!!!" and then he started crying, until she hugged him. As soon as he got his hug, he grinned and they went hand in hand to her room to play.


Marlyn said...

skiiOh, I just love it! I've seen the same here...

Marlyn said...

The skii at the start of that is because I had to type the security word and the mouse moved on me!'