Monday, January 19, 2009

An Update of Sorts

As mentioned before, my laptop is not currently working so my only chance to check in is when Chris isn't home and I can use his desktop. That means that this weekend, I had practically no internet access. That also meant that this weekend I had a million and one blog ideas, most of which I don't remember at the moment. But I do remember one, I wanted to give a short update on both kids.

1. Alex is now speaking! Not in complete sentences or anything of that nature, but he is saying a few words and a LOT of babble! I cannot describe not only the joy but the relief hearing words and babble come from his lips gives me. His current words are hi (his favorite), bye, none (all done), yay (as in "Yaaaay Alex!" after he says anything), dada, ga (good), na (no), and ni-ni (night-night).
2. He's responding to questions and participating in Bible class! Another huge step for us. He shakes his head yes and no to answer questions, and knows what's expected of him in class. His teachers keep repeating how much more in tune w/ everything he seems to be. :D Nothing makes me happier to hear than to hear that he loves his Bible class and is able to participate.
3. Alex has recently begun to throw fits. I think it's a combination of being frustrated with not being able to talk, and entering the stage where he expects Mommy to immediately obey and doesn't know how to respond when she doesn't. On a similar note, he's beginning to learn the word "obey" and comes at least 50% of the time when I tell him to obey me immediately. We're still working on the other 50%, but it's progress! :D But the point of this bullet to was to share how cute he is when he's throwing a fit. He keeps his feet on the floor, and then puts his hands and head on the floor so that he creates a triangle effect while screaming. Eventually he falls to the floor. And the entire time, Mommy laughs. I think it's cute and compared to his sister's fits (then and now), it's nothing. I love it. ;)

1. Kairi's imagination still runs wild! In the past week she has been a kitty, a pig, a cow, a frog, a spider, a princess, and a pirate. My favorite was when she was a princess pirate. She had me put on her tutu and her red princess shoes, and then she grabbed her "sword" (think plastic play shovel that really should be outside) and then she pretended to sword fight with me (I had the vacuum cleaner extension) while she hollered "pincess py-it is hewo! pincess py-it is da besssssst!". Of course in the end, Mommy surrendered her sword and the princess pirate won. She's such a good hero. ;)
2. Potty training is going great! There were next to no accidents yesterday -- she even went potty at church several times! I am so very proud of her. And she's proud of herself which is awesome. I'm going to buy her a ring to sit on the big potty as that's the next step in this process. I can't wait till I'm not dumping potty seats anymore. :)

Ok, that's as far as I'm going to get it looks like as I need to get dishes washed and toys put away so that I can go grocery shopping -- let's see how far I can make this money stretch!

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Aww.. cute! That reminds me I have a story to tell on my blog about something Kalila did...