Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Kairi was first born, we placed a cosleeper in our bed and she slept there for a while. We eventually moved her to a bassinet and when she was a few months old I finally consented to putting her in her own room in a crib. I enjoyed sleeping w/ my baby. I just wish she had enjoyed sleeping with me. From the time she was a few weeks old on, every noise in our room woke her up. Chris' snoring, my rolling over, either of us getting out of bed for any reason -- they all woke her up. The day we moved her into her own room, her sleeping times stretched waaaay out. We loved it.

There were times when I tried to take naps with her or would need her to sleep with me because of bed space -- but it never worked out in my favor. She would thrash and yell and scream and cry for her bed. She needed the walls of the bed. She needed her own space. And she needed quiet. Apparently none of those were to be found in my bed.

Fast forward to today. Kairi still loves her bed. She sleeps no where else, except for the occasional moment in her carseat. But this morning, we had to be up at 4am. Chris had to have a ride to work, and he had to be there by 5. We got home shortly after 5am. I knew it wouldn't work, I just knew it, but I had to try.

First, I put Alex in his bed. I didn't think he'd go back to sleep. But he did! I thought about putting Kairi back in her bed, but thought about the amount of toys in her room. I didn't think that that would work. So I did it ... I took a risk.

Mommy: Kairi, would you like to sleep in mommy's bed?
Kairi: No.
Mommy: Are you tired baby?
Kairi: Yes, Mommy, so tired.
Mommy: Do you want to sleep in your bed or mommy's bed?
Kairi: Mommy's bed! Mommy's bed! Mommy's bed!
Mommy: Ok, but you have to be a really big girl. Can you do that?
Kairi: Yes Mommy! I a big girl!
Mommy: Can you hold really still and be quiet?
Kairi: Yes Mommy! I steeeeeel.
Mommy: Ok, we'll try it. Go climb into Mommy's bed.

It was magical. She held more still in my bed than she does in her own. She didn't freak out about the airplanes, or the garbage truck, or the car next door. Instead, she laid there and stroked my face until I went to sleep. A few minutes later I woke up with her hand still on my face, but she was sound asleep. And every time I woke up, she was sound asleep but touching me.

When I finally did wake up for the day, she was wide awake but laying next to me very still. She patted my face one more time, and said "Good. You wake up. Let's play now. Ok?"

I have no idea when my bed transitioned from the evil thing that a year ago she freaked out about having to be in to the amazing experience we had today, but I'm so thankful that that transition happened. And the next time she won't nap in her own bed because of the airplanes or trucks that are "soo scarwy Mommy!" I'm going to snuggle her up in my own bed and we'll take that nap together.


Mama Kalila said...

So sweet!!!

We did the co-sleeper thing at first too... but Kalila refused to sleep anywhere but on my chest. After 2 weeks of that I managed to get her to sleep between me and the sleeper (lol) and then finally in the sleeper. We transitioned to crib at 2 months when she started sleeping through the night (the first time) and soon regretted it. She does not sleep well in our bed anymore, and if we try she thinks it's time to play. I miss co-sleeping... but at the same time it is nice to be able to lay her down in her crib, close the door, and stay up and get a few things done before going to bed too lol.

Marlyn said...

Awwww! Sweet story! I love sleeping with my girls, all night, every night!

Jammie said...

I'm so glad she'll nap with you now. Kairi's such a sweetheart! I love napping with Jaycie. I actually really miss co-sleeping with her. Jacobe on the other hand is not so fun to co-sleep with.