Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Truth Truck" -- Let's have some honesty here

My mother has been volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center (now known as The Life Center) in Midland since I was in high school. Maybe before that even, but I can't say that with certainty. I remember volunteering there in high school and even doing a little bit of data entry for them in college. My youngest brother still dedicates time whenever he's able to helping out there. To say that my family wholeheartedly supports The Life Center and believes in their cause would be an understatement. We are committed to doing what we can to help those girls that are considering abortion in order to change their minds. The Life Center focuses on loving their clients, promoting sexual purity, and educating teens and parents on sexual purity, stds and abortion.

The preacher at my church has recently been talking on truthful grace. It is the balance of standing up for what is right, standing firm on our values, while still showing the grace and compassion that Christ showed us to the rest of the world. None of us are righteous on our own in the eyes of God. It is only through the blood of Christ which was spilled because of His LOVE for us, that we are able to have a relationship with God and to be called His children. Truthful grace -- what a concept.

Where is this coming from? Why all the information?

I am furious.

I recently learned of a "ministry" called Operation Rescue. I use the term ministry lightly as I believe that a true ministry is devoted to showing others the love of Christ and to reaching them through that love. This ministry has created a truck called the Truth Truck. It is based on the theory that when people are faced with the truth about abortion through pictures of aborted babies, that they will have no choice but to change their mind and not support abortion. And it's probably right. But they put it into practice by plastering pictures of aborted babies all over a cargo truck, and then driving that truck through major cities. BAD PRACTICE.

Visit in order to see pictures of this truck. WARNING -- VERY VERY VERY GRAPHIC.

To me, this sounds exactly like something that an overzealous teenager would dream up. I say teenager, because only a teenager would not think through the consequences of such an action:

~Young children will see this. Can you imagine driving through traffic in Sacramento and your 2 year old son being terrified by this truck, and then being stuck NEXT to the truck for over 20 minutes? Can you hear him crying for you to save him and help him because of the "scawy tuck Mommy! Scawy tuck!"? Can you imagine not being able to hold him and tell him it's ok because you're on the freeway stuck in traffic? And that, my friends, is a true story. A friend of mine was on her way home when her 2 year old alerted her to the truck with his tears. And it's through her that I now know of this truck.

~Parents are going to have to explain to 4-10+ year olds who are much too young to have to face the horrors of abortion what it is and try to explain to them that we love the people but hate the action -- something that a child that young cannot understand. It should be a parent's choice to decide when to explain abortion to their child. Most children that young will not be able to comprehend that a baby in a mommy's tummy is not equivalent to a baby outside mommy's tummy and may feel threatened themselves. It is one thing to show these pictures to a grown adult that has the emotional maturity to handle it -- it is another thing entirely to force those pictures on a young child.

~Women that have already had abortions and are in severely depressed states because of it (and research shows that most women go through major depression as a result of their abortions) are going to see these pictures. Maybe to a few it will be an eye opener of what really happened (which will simply force them into a severe depression without them knowing what resources are available to help them through it), but most others could be sent into a downward spiral with no one there to help them. We should be striving to provide support, education, and showing compassion to these women. It would be an even greater tragedy than already exists if the mothers hurt themselves or committed suicide because of something that a follower of Christ did, especially when all that Christ wants is to show these women how much he loves them and is willing to forgive them. Jesus preached against leading others into temptation, as did Paul ... we need to remember that that goes for ALL sinners. A mother who had an abortion's sin is no greater than my own in the eyes of God.

~It hurts the pro-Life cause rather than helps it because it associates all pro-Life people with this truck. It tells the world that pro-Life advocates have no problem terrifying people, as long as they get their message across. It reflects condemnation rather than compassion.

I suppose what set me off on this is that MY children should not be held as collateral damage in this "ministries" zeal to end abortion.

Is abortion wrong? YES
Does God hate abortion? YES
Does abortion break his heart? YES
Do we need to educate people on abortion? YES
Is the world wrong on when life truly begins? YES
Does legislation need to be corrected? YES

But do I believe for one moment that the "Truth Truck" honors God? NO!!!

I am praying that this organization takes this truck off the streets. I want your help in trying to get rid of it. I emailed them last night explaining why I firmly believed that this was not honoring God and how hurtful it could be. I asked them to end this crusade. Please join me in pressuring them to take it down. I know that California's legislature is being contacted by the previously mentioned mother and they are taking steps to try to stop this organization, but I would hope that with enough pressure from fellow pro-Life Christians that the organization would recognize their errors and end it on their own.

Their contact information (taken from their website):

Operation Rescue West
PO Box 601150
Sacramento, CA 95860

Phone: 800-705-1175
Fax: 916-244-2636


Mama Kalila said...

That's horrible.. almost as bad (almost) as the "pro-lifers" who blow up clinics... (I used quotations for obvious reasons.. that's not being truely pro-life) It gives the rest of us a bad name.

I do believe those pictures have their place... some people do need that shock value . But... they shouldn't be used indiscrimantly and definatly not like you are describing. I see them more as a resource to use w/ those who have not had one (because like you pointed out, those that have are fragile and should be treated with care... I wouldn't show it to one who had even if they wanted to see it), but are arguing that it is morally right... in person, face to face, if they are open to it. It's not a resource any pro-lifer should need to use often (if ever). I would rather not.

Do yall have this truck where you live? I would hate to have to explain that to my kids so young as well... esp in that much detail. So sad... There are many other things these people could do to help that really would be helpful.

Steph said...

We don't have one here that I know of, thank God. But when a friend's little boy saw it, I was furious for her, and took it nearly as personally as I would have if it were my own child. Apparently they go to the Daytona 500, which we're close to, so next month I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for it. *shudder*

I completely agree on where you stand about when those pictures have their place. And that place is NOT in the middle of the street.

Mama Kalila said...

I'm glad to hear that you don't. I would take it personllya too fi it appeednh to one of my findser.

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