Monday, April 21, 2008

I couldn't figure out why he was choking.....

I couldn't figure out why he was choking. After beating him on his back for a minute, a cheerio popped out. How'd he get that? He was no where near cheerios.

Then I watched Kairi run over and say "here" and stick another one in his mouth. He giggled and then tried to swallow.

So twice today I've expelled a cheerio from my son's throat.

She was trying to share her breakfast. I do recognize that this is probably the sweetest thing she's done so far .... But when the sweetest thing your older sister has ever done to you could choke you, what exactly does that say for your relationship? And would you continue to worship the ground she walks on? Because Alex does... :)


Mama Kalila said...

That is so sweet.. In a really scary way! lol That's the kind of cereal Jas thought we were supposed to start on at 4 mo's... I laughed & asked him what she was gonna chew it w/.

Steph said...

That's hilarious! Gotta love daddy's. :D