Sunday, April 6, 2008

Already Awake?

I don't understand this. Monday Kairi decided to get up at 6:15. Since that day, she's gotten up everyday no later than 6:30. And when she gets up she gets hysterical if I don't get her out of her bed w/in 5 minutes. I mean, so upset that she's hyperventilating. There's no going back to sleep, b/c she can hear other people in the house up most of the time. But then when she is up she's sooooo grumpy that it's unbelievable. She's going to bed b/w 7 and 8:30, although last night she didn't go to bed until 9:45 ... but no matter how late or early, the results are the same. I tried to cut out a nap (she's still taking 2), but she passes out in the den floor and is absolutely miserable all day long.

Alex isn't letting me go to bed until after midnight .... Kairi's getting up at 6:30. We still have a minimum of one (up to 3) feedings night. I'm exhausted -- and at a total loss about what to do. I've been napping on the couch while Kairi naps, if I can get Alex to go to sleep, but those rarely last longer than 30 minutes b/c Alex just catnaps.

Such is a mother's life..........

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