Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Co-Coke Mama!!!!!

All of Kairi's sippies were leaking so last night while at the store I bought two new packages (4 each). I got home and gathered all of the old ones up except the one she was using for the night and threw them away. They were well-buried in the trash, and I didn't think that there would be a problem.

When Kairi woke up this morning I noticed that her last sippy was still out, so I made her a new one, and trashed the last one. I didn't even think about burying it in the trash. She didn't notice for quite a while.

Then I heard it. The wails.


She frantically tried to pull it out of the trash sack but was so upset that she couldn't get it untangled.

It's okay baby, here's another co-coke. Leave that one in the trash.


And real tears fell.

Okay, baby. Here, I'll get it out. Look, it's out, but it's dirty. Use this clean one and I'll wash that one later. Okay?

.....k. mama co-coke. And tears continued to slowly fall as she set in front of the tv clutching her clean co-coke. She then muttered about her co-coke for the next 30 minutes. The bad co-coke got thrown in the big trash can that she can't see into when she took her nap.

It is official: My little girl does not like change.

In other news, it looks like Chris didn't make it on Nashville Star. We would know by now if he had, and we haven't received that word, so I guess he didn't.

Kairi's eye teeth are finally coming in. AFTER her molars are already in. ??? My daughter's weird. All her teeth have come in out of order. Regardless, it's making life miserable. Especially at night. She's not sleeping well, and then getting up at 6am. *sigh* I'm ready to be done w/ teething for forever.

I've got lots of new and fabulous products coming in soon! Contact me and we'll try them out together! :D


Mama Kalila said...

Aww.. I'm with you on the teething! We've only gotten two in so far... but she's waking up in the middle of the night again... Something she hasn't done since she was 2 months old!!! The coke story was cute... I'm guessing that's now her word for the cups? Reminds me when I write my new blog tomorrow I've gotta put some pics up I took today.. Kalila tried to steal Jason's bottle of coke. She really thinks she wants it... (I hate to break it to her, but she's not getting one for a long long time)

Steph said...

Yes, Co-Coke is her name for word for ANYTHING that she wants to drink, from soy milk to cranberry juice to water, it's all co-coke. (Apparently Mommy drinks a lot of Diet Coke.)

Actually, the cup she was upset about had water in it. If she's getting to drink a real coke, it's b/c either she stole it from my cup or it's a sprite and we're out to eat somewhere special.