Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Facial Hair Solution for Young Men!

And young women ... hehehe


That's the total number of pictures I have to share at the moment. We're spending a little bit of time in East Texas with Chris' family. I've taken tons of pictures-- several very cute ones -- but the only ones that have made their way onto a computer so far are those two! :)

There's not much to update on right now. We're enjoying our time with the Pyles and both babies are relishing in their grandparents' attention. Kairi has exploded in her language abilities! She is mimicking all sorts of words and sounds. She is so very smart! Kairi crawls every evening once Papa is off of work, into his lap in his big easy chair and they cuddle, read, and play together. It's a very sweet sight. She also shares Grandma's jewelery with her, and rearranges her tupperware cabinet on a regular basis.

Alex is generally in a good mood and still a very social boy. Until today, that is. He's running a fever and Grandma's run to the store to buy a thermometer (b/c a bad Mommy forgot to pack one) and more Tylenol.

We leave this area and head back to Midland Tuesday. On our way we'll stop in Dallas where Grandad Bigby will be having another procedure on his throat to help keep it open. We'll meet up w/ my parents and grandparents there, and then all travel back to Midland together. Keep Grandad Bigby, and Mimi, in your prayers.

Until next time,
God Bless!

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Mama Kalila said...

Awww! How cute! Btw.. sorry I haven't written sooner - at least I think I forgot.. Things are so crazy around here I don't remember lol. My mom is doing much better thankfully... and at first said she'd love the help, until she talked to my grandmother who talked her out of it. Thanks for the thought though. Hope yall have a safe trip!