Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post 200!

I think it's only fitting if in this post I tell a funny Alex story. I loved it ... I think you will too.

The kids play out back almost all day long now. It's a tremendous relief for me, and they LOVE it.

Alex was playing out back this morning, and found the empty dog food bag that was going to be used as a trash sack. He drug it behind him and started putting his toys in it. At some point, he decided that he was bringing it inside.

Just as he started to cross the threshold, he started screaming. It was the kind of scream that makes me run for him -- terrified, hurt sounding. I just knew I'd find him bleeding.

I got to him and he was still screaming in short little bursts while pointing to the sack. Scared that something in there has bitten him, I opened up the sack as carefully as possible. Just at that moment, the sack began to jump, and Alex started screaming again.

I opened up the sack, and found a frog.

I showed Alex the frog, but it just made the screams louder.

Mr Frog was dumped by a hole in the fence so he could make his great escape. And Alex won't go anywhere near the sack now. Instead, he's constantly talking about "frugs", "ack", and "scawwy".

My poor baby boy. Mommy's too busy laughing to sympathize.

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marineof2 said...

OMG LMAO! Poor Alex, but I know I would have been laughing too!