Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I would like to introduce

A new family member. At least for today she is. Kairi was very very upset this morning because this family member was locked outside. Kairi begged and begged and begged for me to let this new person in.

Would you like to meet this person?

Her name is quite strange, so please be polite. Her name is cat-poo. Say it fast like kapoo, but throw a VERY soft t sound in it.

Cat-poo is invisible and was outside this morning. Kairi just wanted me to rescue poor Cat-poo. I just had to open the door a little little bit and Cat-poo would come inside.

"Please please please, Mommy, let Cat-poo inside. I ca-not open da door myself Mommy. So please open it so I can wescue poor Cat-poo! She needs my help! I'm coming Cat-poo! Mommy, hurry! Open da door!"

I'm not sure when Cat-poo will need to be rescued again, or if she's even ever coming back. But today she was here.


Mama Kalila said...

LOL cute! So who exactly is Cat poo?

Steph said...

Cat-poo was an invisible friend. I have no idea if she'll show up again, but she hung around outside all day yesterday.