Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kairi's Cute

Funny Kairi story:

Kairi's cuticles crack quite often. Usually because she spends hours digging in the backyard every day. It bothers her and I end up kiss those booboos multiple times a day. Yesterday she asked me what kind of a booboo it was. She's all about classifying things right now. I told her it was a crack. We had to work hard on how to pronounce it. It was hilarious the way she said it, and I almost told Chris about it, but I'm glad I didn't. If I had, I wouldn't be able to tell you this story about supper.

To set the scene, Chris and Kairi sit on the same side of the table. Kairi dominates Chris' attention through most of the dinner with her description of the day.

K: And Daddy! I have a CRAP!!!
C: (Looking bewildered, amused, angry and confused all at the same time) You have a WHAT?
K: A CRAP! See Daddy! On my finger -- it's a CRAP! Kiss my crap, pwease. It make my crap better.
C: Wait! What?!? Kiss your crap? Kairi! You don't say that word!
Me: (Laughing hysterically) A craCK Daddy. She has a craCK in her finger.
C: She has a what?
Me: A crack in her finger. Well, actually in her cuticle.
K: Yeah! See Daddy -- it's right there. A crap!
C: Kairi, say craCK. Cra-ckkkkkkkkkkkk.
K: Dat's what I said Daddy. A crap-k.
C: No Kairi, listen. CraCK. CraCK. CraCK.
K: Caa-wa-kkkkkkk. Crap-k.
C: (heavy sigh) Kairi, try again. CraCK.
K: (exasperated with her Daddy's obsession over something that she knows she has right)No Daddy. Just kiss my crap booboo and den I eat.
Me: (Still laughing) We've worked on it all day. You're not going to get it any better.
C: (Laughing, but still sort of horrified) I just keep imagining her announcing after church on Sunday in the middle of the chapel that she has a crap and the looks everyone is going to give us!
Me: More hysterical laughter
C: I'm serious Steph! If Joel or an elder hears her, you may never get to teach a class after all!
Me: (Laughing) No, Chris. It'll be fine. Besides, they'll blame you. You're the sailor.
C: (Finally willing to joke with me about this.) Oh yeah, that's comforting.
K: DADDY! You still haven't kissed my crap! I wanna eat! Kiss it!


Mama Kalila said...

LOL - That's great!!!

marineof2 said...

LMAO! That girl cracks me up!!!