Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus Loves Me

I forgot to share a sweet Kairi story!

Kairi has a bunny that sings part of Jesus Loves Me when it's belly is squeezed. I gave it to her last Easter. While the voice freaks me out a little bit, it's one of her all time favorite stuffed animals, and is never far from her.

Yesterday she was having Uncle Matt play it over and over again as she has yet to figure out how to make it sing for her. At first she was singing along in her normal babble-song voice. But slowly we began to hear very clearly:

Esus Ooovs This Know Bible Tells So Yes Esus Oooves. Over and over again she sang the lyrics to Jesus Loves Me. Her voice carried the right inflections and stayed in time very well. It was adorable! She sang for a good 10 minutes. :)

As a family we set and listened to her sing to all of us. And after she had her fill, we hugged her close and told her that YES, Jesus does love her, as do all of us.

But this song did not just happen one time. Today my mom took an old box and put a blanket in it and made a bed for Kairi's babies. Kairi sang them to sleep using the bunny to help her sing Jesus Loves Me.

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