Thursday, March 6, 2008

Adventures with Volkswagen

The weekend before my grandfather went into the hospital, I was in charge of the 14 yo. We went out to eat Friday night, but after that I didn't go anywhere for 3 days. Tuesday morning I had a MK meeting to go to and was in a big hurry. I couldn't immediately find my key and just took my mom's car. That night my grandfather went into the hospital. The next day I tore the house up looking for said key. My brother looked for the key. My father looked for the key. My mother looked for the key. We tore up this house. Moved furniture. Gutted cars. Emptied chest of drawers. Cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Reorganized the pantry. No luck -- the key can't be found.

So I finally call every locksmith in town to have someone make me a new key.
Problem: Only Volkswagen dealerships can replace Volkswagen keys.
Bigger Problem: The closest dealership is 2 hours away.
Solution: Tow car to the dealership and then pay out the butt for new keys.
New problem: Towing the car is going to cost $315. Plus the cost of the new keys.
Solution: Cry on the phone w/ the insurance company and convince them that this qualifies as a roadside assistance call so that they tow your car for you.

My other grandparents allowed me to use their car for the next week. Then Friday, I had the money to pay for new keys ($125 for a standard and $225 for a remote access key, that I had to have b/c my car doesn't lock the driver side door w/o the remote access key). My grandfather and I loaded up the kids, and drove to Lubbock. 30 minutes outside of Lubbock, we get a phone call from the dealership -- they have my car, but for some reason the new keys were not ordered for my car. It will take 2-3 business days for the keys to arrive.

We ate at Olive Garden in Lubbock. Saw some friends of mine from college, and came home. A pointless day.

Tuesday I get a phone call from the dealership. They have had the keys since Saturday evening. My car will be ready to be picked up that afternoon. Why didn't they call me Saturday or Monday to tell me that my car would be ready to be picked up Tuesday?

My grandparents and I loaded up and went to Volkswagen together, yesterday. $655 later, I am ready to take possession of my vehicle. The lady at the desk went to get the car. She sheepishly walks back in the room w/in 5 minutes. What's wrong? I found something in the passenger side seat. What?????? She hands me my old key. It had slid between the two cushions of the seat and was just slightly sticking out.

They rekeyed the old key, and I now have 3 keys for my car.

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