Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kairi Cuteness

A couple of cute Kairi stories for the morning.

1. We have been getting up way too early this week. Combine that with Alex still not sleeping through the night, and I feel like I'm dieing. To help myself survive, after I dole out bananas, cereals bars, and cups of (Silk)Milk I turn on Noggin, shut all the other doors in house to limit the kids to the living room area, and then curl up on the couch and doze. Kairi will frequently shout to Alex through my morning nap "SSSHHHHH! MOMMY SEEPIN'!"

This morning it happened a little differently, though. I sat down on the couch trying to decide if I could make it through the day without a nap when Kairi shouts "Ready Mommy? Ready?!? Lay down!" As soon as I was laying down she pulled Brother's newest piano over next to the couch and began to sing while playing it "Go to sleep Mommy, Go to sleep Mommy, Go to sleep Mommy, Close your eyes Mommy, Go to sleep!".

Ten minutes later she woke me up to sing me back to sleep again. And again. And again.

2. Yesterday during Alex's morning naptime (which I'm afraid is about to cease), Kairi started looking for him. Of course hearing his name shouted through the house woke him up. I went in to cuddle him for a moment and lay him back down. He was more than willing to go back to sleep. UNTIL Kairi burst into the room, grabbed his brand new toy truck, and ran out of the room saying "Come on Fruffer! Let's share da tuck! VRooom! Share da tuck! VRooooooom vroooom vrooooom! Hurry Fruffer hurry! Share da tuck with me!"

Yeah, Alex didn't go back to sleep.

She's cuter than should be allowed. :) Even when she's not helping at all, she's adorable.

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