Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old Stories

Because of our lack of internet, there were several cute stories that I have missed telling. And I can't remember them all at once, so instead as I remember them, I'll post them for your entertainment.

Your story for tonight:
I had several errands to run one day and Chris was staying home with the kiddos. I had received a text message and several calls throughout the morning. I'll share the text with you at a later date. But the last phone call had me in hysterics. Here is the conversation.
C: Do you remember that you left the last of Alex's breakfast on the table before you left? (Blended up pears and baby cereal)
S: Oh crap, I did didn't I?
C: Yes. You did.
S: Ok..........
C: I didn't know it though, until Kairi brought me the bowl and asked for more please.
S: She did what?!? *snorts of laugher*
C: She had fed the last of it to herself and her brother. It's really not as messy in here as I expected it to be. Just all over their faces and the coffee table.

Since that day, she's had a meltdown every morning when I don't let her eat Brother's breakfast.

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