Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are You Coming Too Daddy?

I'm not sure I've shared this here yet, but we're moving. I think most of you know this. About a month ago we were notified by a realtor that our house had been placed on the market. And while there is no reason for us to HAVE to leave until the property has been sold and we would still then have 30 days before we would have to leave, we wanted out as soon as possible. So we set out and found a new place.

We originally wanted a house for a yard for the kids and dog, but after realizing that we could have a nicer place while paying less we agreed to look at condos as well. And we found the perfect place. My only regrets are 1)no yard, and 2)we're moving away from amazing neighbors, but that would have had to happen regardless.

We've been talking about this around the kids, but had yet to actually address the situation with them. Don't get me wrong, they saw the houses with us -- but Kairi seemed to think we were just visiting lots of new places to play. So last night we decided to specifically tell Kairi about it while we were eating dinner. The conversation broke my heart. Here's how it went:

M: Kairi, how would you like to move to a new house?
K: Ummm...
M: You would get a new bedroom and a new bathroom and you would go up and down stairs everyday!
K: Stairs! Yay! I like stairs Mommy.
M: I know you do! It'll be fun!
K: But Mommy, you comin'?
M: Of course baby girl.
K: In a squeaky, almost scared voice, looking seriously at Daddy -- we could tell she was worried.Daddy, you gonna come too?
D: Yes Baby! I'm coming too!
M: Kairi, we're all going. You, me, Daddy... We're all going.
K: Oh no! You not leaving Alex!
M: No! We're not leaving Alex. It'll be you, me, Daddy, and Alex. We're all going.
K: Poor Zoe puppy.
M: What's wrong w/ Zoe?
K: She don't get to go.
M: Yes she will! Kairi, you, Alex, Mommy, Daddy, Zoe AND Aslan are all going to move to a new house. TOGETHER. We're moving together. We all get new bedrooms. And stairs to walk on. And a new living room. And a new kitchen.
K: Ok! I like stairs!
M: I know you do baby. And this is going to be a lot of fun.
K: But Mommy ... what about my house? Where it going?
M: It's going to stay right here. We're going to take our things out of it and move them to our new house.
K: My poor house. Mommy, it gonna miss me.
M: Baby, it'll be ok. And we're going to get a new and more fun house!
K: But my friends are gonna miss me Mommy. Referring to the neighbors I'm sure.
M: Kairi, your friends are going to come see us in our new house. And we'll go see them. I promise.

The conversation went on and on and on like this. Usually she was happy about the stairs and would tell us that she wanted to go up and down the stairs a lot. But then suddenly she'd get concerned -- most of that time it would revolve around making sure that Daddy was moving with us. We frequently heard "Daddy, you wanna come with me? I'm going to a new house. Wanna come? Please?"

Navy life sometimes takes a toll on a child that has a hard time dealing with change. One change and she's suddenly terrified that she's going to lose her Daddy. I hope that moving with Daddy helps her know that he's not leaving her...

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Marlyn said...

Aww, the little sweet thing!

Good luck with the move!