Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poor Princess

I've been negligent in reading, commenting, and posting blogs because Kairi is sick.

It started July 5th. That night she woke up with diarrhea. My in-laws were here that weekend and my fil had spent the night sick as well. The next day she began running a high fever and messing w/ her ears. Monday morning I took her to the doctor. No ear infection, probably a virus. If she wasn't better by Wednesday, I was supposed to call back in case it was a UTI.

The diapers became more frequent. She would only cry when you you offered her food. And she kept crawling in my lap and asking to be put to bed, which I always complied when she asked. But the fever finally went away.

Wednesday she was still sick, so I called in again. We had a 9:15am appointment for Thursday morning.

She still has a stomach virus. It's turned into Toddler's Diarrhea so that she can't absorb liquids quickly. We needed to slow down her digestion. You do that w/ a high fat and fiber diet. It's working -- slowly, but things do seem to be becoming more normal. The only other thing it could be is salmonella, which we've sent in a stool sample to test for. If that's the case we'll probably treat it the same, with a small possibility of antibiotics, but at least we would have answers. In the meantime, she now also has a rash all over her body and knots on her neck from the infection. She spent 90% of yesterday and the day before asleep.

But today she must be feeling at least a little bit better! She's asked to eat several times. She's has actually smiled a few times today! And she's not asked to go to bed yet ... and this week she's asked to go to bed at least by 10am every morning, if not earlier!

I hope that she continues to get better -- and do so quickly!

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Mama Kalila said...

Oh I am so sorry! I hope she gets better quickly.