Sunday, May 2, 2010

To give you an idea

Of the way the last couple months have been for us, I thought I'd post my Facebook status messages. At least the ones that pertain to the kids. :) I'll try to make a more put together post for you all tomorrow, but in the meantime, here's a few laughs:

March 19
"You know what I need Mommy? You know what I really really need and den everything would be just perrrrrrfect? I need a bell Mommy. A bell and a basket." What would you do with a bell and basket Kairi? Why do you need them? "So that everyone knows it's me when I'm on my bike going to see Gramma in Texas Mommy! How do you not know this?"

March 22
I just found my phone turned off. Has to be Alex related as he had it last. So if you sent a txt or tried to call, I'm sorry I didn't respond. Blame the boy.

Alex went to sleep with NO paci! HURRAY!!!

March 23
Kairi's watching The Princess and the Frog for the second time. As the little Tianna is cooking Kairi yells to her "Be careful! You gonna grow up and hafta kiss a frog! It's YUK!".

March 24
"I want PIZZA!" Alex, pizza is not a breakfast food and even if it was, we don't have any. "My friends have pizza! I want pizza! Tell friends I want pizza! Dey knock n give me pizza!" Alex -- we're NOT having pizza for breakfast! "Aww. Mommy, I only like pizza." ---- And to think that less than 4 months ago he wasn't connecting more than 2 words at a time.

March 30
My children don't understand the significance of Pat not needing to sit on a cactus in Hop on Pop. Maybe this means that we should be spending more time in West Texas because I know that it never had to be explained to me. lol

March 31
Would whoever taught my child the word "boring" please issue a formal apology? I had never heard it come out of her mouth until today, and after having heard it way too many times today, I would be extremely pleased if I never EVER heard it again.

April 1
I look over and see the dog eating cookies on the floor and asked where she got them. Kairi responds "You said to share my cookies so I'm sharing with EVERYONE. Zoe likes cookies. She gets to have cookies too. But not you. I'm not sharing with you because you're a mommy. I only share with my bruver and puppy cause they're my favorites. I share with my favorite everyones."

April 3
I love that Kairi has me label every single rainbow she draws with ROY G BIV and then has me help her check to make sure she has every color of the rainbow in her rainbow. It's her all-time favorite activity of the last 4 weeks.

April 8
Mommy, yellow's not my favorite. Here YOU eat it. <-- Kairi then shoved a yellow robin egg in my mouth. So I blame my lack of extra [Weight Watcher's] points for ice cream today on her. lol

April 10
Kairi after being frustrated with me for only glancing at her coloring book while trying to respond to her and clean up at the same time finally goes: "Mommy. Look. WITH YOUR EYES look at my picture. DEN tell me what you think. But you gotta look with your eyes."

April 16
A conversation with Alex: "Alex, are you being a pest? Be nice to the animals." Mommy, I am NOT pest. I justa BOY!" Truer words may have never been spoken. lmbo

April 17
"Mommy, my new name is Layla Laura Lee and I'm going to the rescue! Goodbye Molmick. You not my Mommy now cause my name is not Kairi Hope Pyle. Have a good day! Stay safe so I don't have to rescue you!"

April 22
My favorite words (right now) to come from my daughter: "Mommy, I have a question!"

April 24
Why is there a frog plushie in the dog's water bowl? "Because it's a frog Mommy." But it's not a real frog, baby. It doesn't belong there. "Mommy! Is a frog! It swims and breathes air -- see is head up. But it needs water. Cause it's a fiban." It's a what??? "A fiban mommy. You know, goes through a biiiiiig change. And breathes air but it swims." You mean an amphibian? "That's what I said Mommy."

April 25
Goodnight world. I hope that I don't see you again until 7:30am or later. If I do, I will most likely be a super sleep deprived and extremely grumpy mommy with all I meet. But I will be especially grumpy with the two children that have recently decided that 11:30pm, 12:00, 1:10, 2:30, 3:15, and 4:00am are all perfectly reasonable times to wake up and try to insist that Mommy allow them to go play.

April 26
This morning, before telling me she was awake, Kairi took her desk chair into her closet, and pulled down all the clothes in there so that she could find the "perfect princess dress" for the day. And in the process, she broke half of the coat hangers. Can I please use the broken hangers as an excuse to not do laundry today? ( Joyce Bulmer, don't answer this question.)

April 30
I have successfully trained my children that the appropriate position to watch a movie is curled up on the couch w/ your fave blanket & snack.

May 2
One of my biggest challenges of motherhood yet: Convincing a certain three year old that sleep really is a necessity. I thought that after sleep training her as an infant that I would be set. I was wrong.


Marlyn said...

Nice montage of moments!

MK said...

Why does all that sound familiar? LOL

Hope you're doing ok!