Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kairi's Biggest Fan

I have always heard that Mamas are always their child's biggest fan. They will never give up on them or grow tired of watching their children do something they love. They will cheer their kids on through all obstacles, never giving up on them, never growing tired of the act, and always loving them unconditionally.

Ok, so let's be honest here. I am NOT my daughter's biggest fan. I mean, in a sense I am. I will be all those things listed above, except for the "never growing tired of the act". See, I DO grow tired of watching Kairi's performance from time to time. That sounds terrible. Let me explain.

She stands on the hearth singing her heart out for hours on end. And I love it. Except, when I've heard Twinkle Twinkle for the 162nd time in the last hour, I really don't feel like cheering and clapping as loudly as I did the first 161 times.

But I don't feel as badly about that anymore. Because she DOES have a fan that will cheer as loudly the 162nd time as the 1st.

Her biggest fan is Alex. And when I'm more interested in the Bubble Burst game on my phone than cheering again, Alex will sit on the couch watching her dance and sing, and then he will clap and "woohoo!" for her as loudly as he did the last time. Then he will turn to me and tell me "Nonny! Cap Niree! WooHoo!" (Translated: Mommy! Clap for Kairi! WooHoo!)

He always cheers for her, believes in her, supports her, and will even feed her bites of pizza when she's feeling like too much of a diva to feed herself. (Yes, tonight she told him to feed her her pizza b/c it was too yucky for her to touch, and he obliged.)

He follows her around, mimics her, loves on her, and picks on her. Nothing makes either one happier than their sibling. They even have their own language.

In the following pictures, my kids have dirty faces, and dirty clothes. They had just eaten their pizza and neither do a good job at wiping their own faces. I usually put up with their bad job (because at least they tried!) until either we leave or it's bedtime.

Either way ... here's proof of their love for each other:



Jammie said...

That is so sweet! I can't wait to see more of that when Jacobe is older. I already know he absolutely adores her and she him. Your kids are too adorable!

Mama Kalila said...

Oh hey, this one likes me! Whoo hoo I can comment. Sorry, I'm babbling lol...

That is absolutely adorable. One of many reasons I want siblings for Kalila... and I can't wait to see moments like that too. Cute pics btw! :-D

Steph said...

You both will love watching the sibling interactions! I love seeing that love and the hate that goes together. :) It makes your heart all warm and gooey. ;)

marineof2 said...

So sweet! And the pics are adorable!!