Friday, March 27, 2009

Kairi Finally Grasps Favorites

Uncle Matt got onto Alex for running on the couch. First of all, note that he did NOT yell. He was firm, but did not yell.

Alex came running into the kitchen where Kairi and I were visiting with family that had come over. He was bawling. Matt followed. We had all heard Matt get onto Alex.

Kairi looked at Alex and began hugging him and pushing Matt away. She then turned to him and yelled:

"No yell at my Alex. He my faborite broffer. NO YELL AT HIM."

Since then we have been introduced to her favorite chair, her favorite blanket, her favorite snack, and her favorite Mimi (my grandmother with Alzheimer's).

1 comment:

Marlyn said...

Awww. Sweet sister! I love when Alex "sticks up" fro Greggie! That's what big sisters do!