Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Different Blog Than Planned

Last night I had fully planned on sitting down here and telling you all about Kairi's food allergy issues, about my brother's birthday and the funny gifts we gave him, about how amazing Grandad Bigby was doing, and about how I've started selling Mary Kay and am PUMPED about it. But all that changed last night around 8:30pm when the phone rang.

The phone rang shortly after Micah (23) had left with the afore mentioned birthday presents. Matthew (14) answered and goes "Mimi? I'm fine. What's wrong?" Panicked eyes bored holes into his face. "Mimi, Mimi, wait. Here, tell Daddy what's going on.". Daddy takes the phone. "Mother? What's wrong? Calm down. What's he doing? How long has he been like this? Mother, I need to know exactly how long he's been like this. Mother, let me talk to Dad. I know that he doesn't feel well and doesn't want to talk, but I think that I need to speak to him." The next several minutes felt like hours while we waited for him to come to the phone. "Dad, what's going on? How long have you felt like this? No, it is important, how long? Dad, we need to get you to the doctor. I know you don't want to go tonight, but I think it's important. No, this can't wait until tomorrow. I understand that, Dad, but we need to go tonight. No, Beverly and I will be at your house in a minute and we're going to go a walk-in clinic."
Dad can't breathe. He's panting to talk. We're taking him to the ER. Call Micah, have him meet us there.

Micah made to to Mimi and Grandad's house before Mama and Daddy.

They got Grandad to the emergency room closest to him. He was immediately admitted b/c he has not had any food or fluids since Sunday morning. His body was shutting down. They transferred him to the main hospital last night. He has pneumonia, and other issues.

Please lift up prayers on his behalf.

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Mama Kalila said...

I'm sorry! Will def. keep him & your family in my prayers.